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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The day the whole world went away

Goonswarm is no more what the..... Given there recent failcascade in Delve I don't suppose it should be much of a shock really but that's one hella big power vacuum.
Although the alliance known as "Goonswarm" is gone, as of about 6:45am today, I'm pretty sure there will be a new alliance of corps with a rather similar members list later today or tomorrow. They do still 'own' the Band Of Brothers name don't they?

I've not blogged for a few days so I'll try and recap whats been going on.
  • Roam out of D-G yay.
  • .-A-. tackle a Carrier, we go to assist.
  • Carrier gets away before we
  • I get on a few killmails.
  • I loose yet another ratting cane when I warp to an anomaly and 3 waves spawn at once and the frigates scram me...
  • I've been practising probing things down, wormholes, complexes etc. I'm getting better slowly.
  • Currently training Minmatar Cruiser V aiming for Recons.
Other Catch/Provi news is all about CVA. They took some space which was, from what I understand was agreed with .-A-. they wouldn't touch.
.-A-. got annoyed and we took it all back then took D-G (yay U'K fleet was over 200 ships BTW). After a lengthy post on CAOD .-A-. basically said they had no problem with CVA and no more aggression would follow if they got there shit together and stopped attacking Catch.
CVA did a (pretty good RP) post
The deadline date .-A-. set for peace talks has just passed so what now?

Things I've learnt
Being 1 of 40 small ships in jump range of a gate in enemy space makes me feel anxious.
Impulse drive is your friend when the bombers do turn up.
40 frigs can really f**k things up!
I need to do more roaming.
Jetcans disappear after 2 hours duh, move your stuff out of it before AFK'ing to watch TV with the wife.

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