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Monday, 22 February 2010


The sovereignty final stuck so U'K hold the Z-R system and station. Hurrah!
 Spurred on by this, and the prospect of 'the eternal strugle' coming to an end U'K have had a Territorial Claim Unit onlineing in 3D constantly all weekend and some form of presence in system to keep an eye on it. I joined a fleet locking down the system on Saturday night and did the usual gate guarding and sat reporting intel while the big guns took down the AM TCU which would otherwise online before ours did.
Not that it mattered as sov dropped once again.
3D is still a war zone but U'K have held a pretty sturdy system dominance so I'm hopeful we can take it when CCP sort out the bug that's causing the Sov drops.

I logged on Sunday at our POS in 3D (as I went to bed before the operation in system finished) and out TCU have 2hrs to go before it onlined. I was about to make a run for it back to more friendly space when reports of an enemy gang coming to 3D and another camping D-G were reported so I hung about in the POS for a bit before logging off.
Pretty uneventful weekend TBH. Still grinding T2 Cruiser skills (nearly at T2 medium guns now).

Thinkgs I learnt
I need to sort out my Rupture fit, I cant squeeze a MWD on there and I feel terribly slow with only an AB for a speed boost.
Minmatar Battleships 1 - yeah I learnt a BS skill (even if its just a token lvl1, was only a few hours).

Thinks to do
I WILL roam this week, it is my mission in life (for this week).

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