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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Another tale of idiocy

A bit sooner than I would've liked I lost my first stealth bomber.
Was out for a pre-CTA roam with a few guys from UK and had taken the role of scout hunting for some hapless belt ratting BC's. Started out going up the pipe to W9 but we got wind of a 30 man gang so turned back and headed over towards SV5. When we got to 36N- there was another 120 man red gang floating about so we waited to see where it was going and I jumped into U-Q. 2 neutrals off gate so I checked there info and ship types, both in interceptors...hang on that ones locking me...oh crap.

Why I failed as a scout.
First I need to be faster on directional scans, we could've had a couple of easy kills around 2J- if I had been. I think my problem came from trying to pinpoint locations with D-scan rather than using it for an educated guess and warping on grid to confirm. If there arent many belts (like in 2J-) I would probably even be quicker just bouncing between em all, anyone at an enemy POS isn't a target anyway.
The whole 'death' thing. I'm not sure what happened here in all honesty but I ended up uncloaked so either an object uncloaked me, in which case I need to sort out my overview settings; a ship uncloaked me, in which case I need to pay more attention or I just didn't cloak up in which case I got what I fully deserved.
Whichever one it was I should have jumped through, warped to a safe and cloaked before doing anything else. People on gate = get away from it.

On a lighter note...
...the CTA in D-G was ace and I got a few killmails from it using an arty fit "sniper" thrasher. Yeah it lagged but I managed to get in a few fights anyway (I'm sure I should be on atleast another 3 KM) and it was good fun.

Still gutted about the bomber.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Project D-G-liverance

War has come to Catch in the last few week with Dominion hitting and -A- abandoning some systems (most notably SV5) but not really wanting anyone else to have them, then with CVA's announcement of their expansion of 'Project Deliverance' into catch it was only going to get more interesting from there.
The best defence is a good offence as they say and they don't get much better than attacking 3 enemy systems at once including our nearest gateway into Providence D-GTMI.
I wasn't able to get with the fun Friday night but Saturday I braved the wife agro and joined in on the Op. Ended up a bit boring with me sitting guarding a gate and trying to get on killmails, failing spectacularly as all the reds warped in on the opposite site of the gate bubble than me.
Sunday I hit the Op again and Titan bridged in to D-G (I could get used to this) and set up in my gate guarding position which I'm getting used to in Ops now (curse my low skillpoints). An hour or so later and locals rising topping out at about 1300...the shocking thing being its not crashed.
Somewhere someone blows a big horn and battle starts with reds appearing on overview at an alarming rate and the lagfest begins. What actually happened I'm not sure but I clicked everything about 500 times seemingly to no effect before logging off and back on again. Still not great but better I manage to lock up a few ships and register a few damage notifications and as numbers thin the lag gets better before the inevitable happens and my poor Rifter meets its end. Such is the job of light support.
Spam "Warp To.." for the next 10 minutes and I eventually get out alive and take the usual route back to V2 to ship up.
Bonus' - I lived, CCP lost my lossmail.
Annoyances - Lag, I lost a ship, CCP lost my killmails.

The main thing is we won. Buts its not the end....

Monday, 18 January 2010


You might have heard of a little system called 49-U6U is a backwards system out in 0.0 that's a gateway from Catch to Querious and 2 jumps from Delve; and AAA and goons have been knocking the shit out of each other there (with a little help from U'K).

I don't think I've been in 0.0 2 months yet and already I've managed to be in some epic epic fights even if my involvement now even worth of a footnote I was there and that's all that matters to me.
It started a few weeks ago as a but of diversionary fun against the Goonfleet and escalated into a whole storm of CTA ops (Call To Arms, the more 'serious' alliance operations) as the same day wonderful Proviblob decided they wanted to claim some systems AAA had pruned off after Dominion including SV5-8N. Now technically they were unclaimed and available but like a spoilt child we (-A- and by extension U'K) didn't want them, but then we didn't want anyone else to have them either. Especially if that someone was CVA or their pets.
So I've been running from one end of catch to the other and back again being in 1 fleet op or another sitting in support channels and guarding gates in my trusty Rupture.
This all ended Saturday night/Sunday am  when I was warping to the 49- gate in 4-07. We'd just swapped to the main operation Teamspeak and someone kicked off about noobs in bubblecamp just as I warped into a bubble. A lot of 'F' words got banded about and I MWD'd off bubble and warped back to our POS. Turns out they didnt mean me/us so I warped back to gate straight into the Goon camp and was promptly podded. Great. Waking up in V2 I got in a Rifter, thinking I could run the camp and give some fast tackle in fleet, and got back to 4-07. a fair few were still on POS and we sat waiting for someone to report no camp. About 30 minutes passed when I decided to take the initiative, HTFU up, and started making a fleet to try and bust the camp open instead. Someone in fleet said they FC'd regularly so I passed the Op to them and continued waiting as he sorted out warp-ins and intel and it was about then that Teamspeak kicked off again with everyone crashing. 1300 people in 49- local and the server had died a horrible death. It was 3am and I went to bed (I'm not that hardcore).

Goons have maintained a pretty hefty camp in 4-07 and the Provis have been camping HED on a daily basis so travel outside of Catch can be a bit risky but I had a few presents waiting in Agil so before downtime yesterday I made a run for it.
I can now fly a Stealth Bomber, I feel like a real Ushra'Khan now. I even dropped a bomb on the Provi gate camp in HED but killed nothing. I lived that's the main thing.

Things I learnt
0.0 warfare is a lot of waiting about then lag.
Fighting for Sovereignty means statying up late and being tired.
Goons like camping and so does Provi. I need more gate bookmarks.
Stealth Bombers weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Waiting Game

A shit heap of stuff is kicking on in Catch round about now so its fleets a plenty for me when I get online. However I will no longer ask what ship to take because I get me with comments from elitist shitheads as I cant fly anything tech2 yet. Should I bring a BC then? No I cant fit tech 2 howiez yet....I'll just dock up then. Yawn fest.

Anyway I finish cloaking 4 in about 2 days and should be bomber capable by the weekend with Cheetahs a few days behind. No I wont be able to fit tech 2 torpedo or have max probing skills....kicked from fleet again then.

In my quest to further induce lolz from the ~elite pvp~ crowd in alliance chat I will then start to train for interdictors in an attempt to be useful in fleets but will probably get mocked for not being able to tech2 pimp it out. See a trend?

Yes I'm feeling narky today.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Foolish man

Lost my Hurricane "mk2" last night to general boneheadedness. Went after some rats (2BS 2frig spawn) but they were in the middle of the belt so I ping-pong'ed off about 6 roids before I could get under the guns of the first BS. took him down but was feeling the pain as I started to MWD to the second. Started hitting mid structure so I warped to a nearby safe. 20 seconds later I'd still not warped and pop.

Swearing ensued.

Back to V2 and I got a new 'cane "mk3" and fitted it (insured as well) and went back to the rat belt. Great the first BS has respawned and they're still in the belt. tried some manual manoeuvring around the roids but ping-pong again before taking down the first BS and getting in under the second. Hit structure (deja-vu!!) so warped to safe...nothing...nothing....nothing. Seriously WTF!!! I think the cane couldn't align to warp due to a nearby roid so I cancelled the warp and warped to gate instead. Got there with 3% structure.
Dropped into station and repaired before going back and killing the final BS and looting the 3BS wrecks and the remains of my poor Mk2 'cane.

I logged off not a happy man.
Eve giveth and eve taketh away.

Lesson learnt
Its really not worth it "let it go Indiana".

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holidays arent a time for gaming...

..or blogging it seems. Pesky family.
Been a while since I did a post so I'll try and remember WTF happened.
  • I got a Hurricane! All my ratting money added up and with the help of generous corp-mates I got enough together to move into the marvellous world of BattleCruiser ownership. Making money is now way way easier.
  • I lost a Hurricane! Was ratting with about 20 people in system when 2 reds popped up in local. I called it on the intel channel and (here's the stupid part) continued ratting. "20 people in local, what's the chances they pick on me?" apparently quite high. I'd just ratted together enough cash to fit a new one though, and yes I had remembered to insure it. Phew.
  • I joined in on a frigate op, but due to sneaky sneaky spies he got well and truly camped in. I suicided through a gate to give intel to the fleet as my budget Rifter was a mega cheap fit (and I wanted to go to bed). First alliance op. Yay.
  • My corp mate and occasional mini-roam mate Tiny Scream left the corp. No idea why but I'm guessing RL reasons. Hope to see you again soon Tiny.
  • I ratted a lot. I've been training up to fly bombers so got some implants and, due to being skint, didn't want to have to replace them. PvE yawn.
  • I was given a Rupture, its been fit (as close to as I can get) in a fleet support role and is on standby for Alliance ops. Unfortunately I've not got a chance to try it out yet due to holiday/wife/work commitments. Booo RL.
  • I killed a True Sansha. Kerching!! I'm no longer (that) poor and my bomber skill queue is only a a week away from finishing. Also just noticed I only had Learning 3 so I immediately started training Learning 4.

Things I've learnt.
BattleCruisers make 0.0 life so much easier its unreal. I can go solo ratting and rack up a few million isk in no time, which will keep me in budget Rifter fits for a good while.
I quite like intel gathering, been thinking of training up for a Cheetah after I've finished the Hound queue (its only a couple of days for bits and bobs) then I might wander off and try being sneaky sneaky intel man.
Holidays mean wardecs, which makes trips to Empire paranoia fuelled panicfests for me.