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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Holidays arent a time for gaming...

..or blogging it seems. Pesky family.
Been a while since I did a post so I'll try and remember WTF happened.
  • I got a Hurricane! All my ratting money added up and with the help of generous corp-mates I got enough together to move into the marvellous world of BattleCruiser ownership. Making money is now way way easier.
  • I lost a Hurricane! Was ratting with about 20 people in system when 2 reds popped up in local. I called it on the intel channel and (here's the stupid part) continued ratting. "20 people in local, what's the chances they pick on me?" apparently quite high. I'd just ratted together enough cash to fit a new one though, and yes I had remembered to insure it. Phew.
  • I joined in on a frigate op, but due to sneaky sneaky spies he got well and truly camped in. I suicided through a gate to give intel to the fleet as my budget Rifter was a mega cheap fit (and I wanted to go to bed). First alliance op. Yay.
  • My corp mate and occasional mini-roam mate Tiny Scream left the corp. No idea why but I'm guessing RL reasons. Hope to see you again soon Tiny.
  • I ratted a lot. I've been training up to fly bombers so got some implants and, due to being skint, didn't want to have to replace them. PvE yawn.
  • I was given a Rupture, its been fit (as close to as I can get) in a fleet support role and is on standby for Alliance ops. Unfortunately I've not got a chance to try it out yet due to holiday/wife/work commitments. Booo RL.
  • I killed a True Sansha. Kerching!! I'm no longer (that) poor and my bomber skill queue is only a a week away from finishing. Also just noticed I only had Learning 3 so I immediately started training Learning 4.

Things I've learnt.
BattleCruisers make 0.0 life so much easier its unreal. I can go solo ratting and rack up a few million isk in no time, which will keep me in budget Rifter fits for a good while.
I quite like intel gathering, been thinking of training up for a Cheetah after I've finished the Hound queue (its only a couple of days for bits and bobs) then I might wander off and try being sneaky sneaky intel man.
Holidays mean wardecs, which makes trips to Empire paranoia fuelled panicfests for me.

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