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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Foolish man

Lost my Hurricane "mk2" last night to general boneheadedness. Went after some rats (2BS 2frig spawn) but they were in the middle of the belt so I ping-pong'ed off about 6 roids before I could get under the guns of the first BS. took him down but was feeling the pain as I started to MWD to the second. Started hitting mid structure so I warped to a nearby safe. 20 seconds later I'd still not warped and pop.

Swearing ensued.

Back to V2 and I got a new 'cane "mk3" and fitted it (insured as well) and went back to the rat belt. Great the first BS has respawned and they're still in the belt. tried some manual manoeuvring around the roids but ping-pong again before taking down the first BS and getting in under the second. Hit structure (deja-vu!!) so warped to safe...nothing...nothing....nothing. Seriously WTF!!! I think the cane couldn't align to warp due to a nearby roid so I cancelled the warp and warped to gate instead. Got there with 3% structure.
Dropped into station and repaired before going back and killing the final BS and looting the 3BS wrecks and the remains of my poor Mk2 'cane.

I logged off not a happy man.
Eve giveth and eve taketh away.

Lesson learnt
Its really not worth it "let it go Indiana".

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  1. The collision detection on most vessels leaves much to be desired. If only the engineers had field tested the on-board hardware to cope with the prescence of 'roids' we may have had a much better performance.

    One can only hope that as the systems age, this will be addressed. It can't come soon enough. I think the Jovians would surely have revised their collision detection solution to cope with all 3 dimensions correctly. I can only hope they make an appearance soon enough and share their superior technology with us.