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Monday, 25 January 2010

Project D-G-liverance

War has come to Catch in the last few week with Dominion hitting and -A- abandoning some systems (most notably SV5) but not really wanting anyone else to have them, then with CVA's announcement of their expansion of 'Project Deliverance' into catch it was only going to get more interesting from there.
The best defence is a good offence as they say and they don't get much better than attacking 3 enemy systems at once including our nearest gateway into Providence D-GTMI.
I wasn't able to get with the fun Friday night but Saturday I braved the wife agro and joined in on the Op. Ended up a bit boring with me sitting guarding a gate and trying to get on killmails, failing spectacularly as all the reds warped in on the opposite site of the gate bubble than me.
Sunday I hit the Op again and Titan bridged in to D-G (I could get used to this) and set up in my gate guarding position which I'm getting used to in Ops now (curse my low skillpoints). An hour or so later and locals rising topping out at about 1300...the shocking thing being its not crashed.
Somewhere someone blows a big horn and battle starts with reds appearing on overview at an alarming rate and the lagfest begins. What actually happened I'm not sure but I clicked everything about 500 times seemingly to no effect before logging off and back on again. Still not great but better I manage to lock up a few ships and register a few damage notifications and as numbers thin the lag gets better before the inevitable happens and my poor Rifter meets its end. Such is the job of light support.
Spam "Warp To.." for the next 10 minutes and I eventually get out alive and take the usual route back to V2 to ship up.
Bonus' - I lived, CCP lost my lossmail.
Annoyances - Lag, I lost a ship, CCP lost my killmails.

The main thing is we won. Buts its not the end....

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