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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Waiting Game

A shit heap of stuff is kicking on in Catch round about now so its fleets a plenty for me when I get online. However I will no longer ask what ship to take because I get me with comments from elitist shitheads as I cant fly anything tech2 yet. Should I bring a BC then? No I cant fit tech 2 howiez yet....I'll just dock up then. Yawn fest.

Anyway I finish cloaking 4 in about 2 days and should be bomber capable by the weekend with Cheetahs a few days behind. No I wont be able to fit tech 2 torpedo or have max probing skills....kicked from fleet again then.

In my quest to further induce lolz from the ~elite pvp~ crowd in alliance chat I will then start to train for interdictors in an attempt to be useful in fleets but will probably get mocked for not being able to tech2 pimp it out. See a trend?

Yes I'm feeling narky today.

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