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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Another tale of idiocy

A bit sooner than I would've liked I lost my first stealth bomber.
Was out for a pre-CTA roam with a few guys from UK and had taken the role of scout hunting for some hapless belt ratting BC's. Started out going up the pipe to W9 but we got wind of a 30 man gang so turned back and headed over towards SV5. When we got to 36N- there was another 120 man red gang floating about so we waited to see where it was going and I jumped into U-Q. 2 neutrals off gate so I checked there info and ship types, both in interceptors...hang on that ones locking me...oh crap.

Why I failed as a scout.
First I need to be faster on directional scans, we could've had a couple of easy kills around 2J- if I had been. I think my problem came from trying to pinpoint locations with D-scan rather than using it for an educated guess and warping on grid to confirm. If there arent many belts (like in 2J-) I would probably even be quicker just bouncing between em all, anyone at an enemy POS isn't a target anyway.
The whole 'death' thing. I'm not sure what happened here in all honesty but I ended up uncloaked so either an object uncloaked me, in which case I need to sort out my overview settings; a ship uncloaked me, in which case I need to pay more attention or I just didn't cloak up in which case I got what I fully deserved.
Whichever one it was I should have jumped through, warped to a safe and cloaked before doing anything else. People on gate = get away from it.

On a lighter note...
...the CTA in D-G was ace and I got a few killmails from it using an arty fit "sniper" thrasher. Yeah it lagged but I managed to get in a few fights anyway (I'm sure I should be on atleast another 3 KM) and it was good fun.

Still gutted about the bomber.

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