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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Always look at the pricetag

Went out for another quick 0.0 roam last night, just threw together a Rifter from salvage bits I had in station.
Got killed by another biggie its a 0.5mil rifter fully insured right.
Wrong. Checking killmail it turns out the named Damage Control I had got from a rat and fit was worth 10million ISK.


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The day of firsts pt 2.

Had my first nullsec roam on Monday with the aid of Tiny Scream and needless to say I died. Had good fun though and I learnt a few things along the way, mainly that 0.0 isn't the huge festering pit of gankblobs noobs are led to believe it is.
So we set off into Sylph space to try and find a juicy target but locals were pretty empty so we kept jumping. Things started to get hotter round about EX0L-Q with us running a few gates but it all went wrong hitting A-VILQ were local hit about 16 reds and they quickly set up a camp. Tiny cloaked up while I jumped about a bit but it quickly became clear I was going to have to just run for it.
Warping to the N-8 gate I jumped though...right into a bubble. I tried not to panic and held cloak, looking about I was right on the edge of the bubble and had an asteroid belt in just the right direction so I was hopefull. I talked it through with Tiny and set off.
Click the belt. Approach. Activate MWD. Spam the "warp to.." button like a madman.
Podded. Well it was to be expected wasn't it?
The important things are:-
A- I've been in a 0.0 roam.
B- I've faced a bubble gatecamp.
C- I didn't panic.
D- I had a laugh doing it and got a major adrenaline buz.
It was a 500k Rifter so even I can loose that and fun was had. Its a win in my book.
More please.

Oh and Dominions out now, Fleet finder is ace.