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Friday, 19 February 2010

Broken Record

After Aegis Militia decided to change their name they lost Sovereignty to the whole Q-6LG1 constellation on Tuesday the 16th Feb. Never ones to pass up a good opportunity U'K & AAA jumped at the change to gain another foothold in providence that's nicely in jumpbridge range of 9UY and the war began.AM reacted quickly and gained back 4 systems in the constellation  leaving Z-RFE3 and the linking system of 3D-CQU unclaimed.

Almost 2 days solid fighting later and AM were holding ground well with TCU's being onlined round the clock by both sides and being destroyed with minutes to spare as the opposing fleets swapped system dominance before finally AM seemed to give up so Ushra'khan and AAA held the field long enough to get TCU's onlined in both systems and held both the stations. Tired hungry but happy the job was over the fleet set off jumping home.

"Funny story...and I'm not joking....Sov just dropped in both systems"
To say the shit hit the fan doesn't really do it justice. Fleet and Alliance chat exploded with expletives and people desperately serched for answers. WTF just happened?
AM picked up on it straight away and started onlineing more TCU's while the majoyity of our forces went back to GE or V2 to emorage about all the fighting now being for nothing. Details were checked, checked and tripple checked by alliance and we could only conclude it was a bug and petitions and bug reports were filed. Of course CAOD thought differently and lols commenced.

The 48 minute problem
An AM TCU onlined in Z-R the next day and I'm sure they had epic lols at our "failure" but their faces dropped a few minutes later as so did their Sovereignty. This continued right now with little reply form CCP about why we're now stuck in an eternal fight for 2 systems seemingly unable to hold a claimed state for more than about 30 minutes and with dwindling interest from both sides (who wants to fight for space you cant have?) but the fighting will continue with the hope that it'll get fixed at some point and someones Sov will stick.
Hopefully ours.
Until then its a bit like Red Vs.Blue with pewpew on demand for those who want to take part.

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