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Friday, 5 February 2010

Breaking news!

Alright there isnt any and this weeks had enough of it already I think
I've not blogged about what's going on in the South as everyone else and their cat has (and done it better than me) plus the most of the action has happened while I've been at work or with my family so I've kinda missed out and could only regurgitate what's been told to me.
So...what have I been up to.
The attack on 9UY happened (no really) and I got in system just as the action was finishing there, almost literally, hung about for a bit then went back to V2 and practised scanning some more. Yesterday when I logged in I went straight back to 9UY to try my luck, joined a fleet chasing a few reds up and down the pipe to empire where I got nothing, don't think I even saw a red, before camping gates in 9UV. This form of space denial is the most fun you can have.....
Drank some beer, ate sweets and watched time tick by, Then a red miniblob turned up DIRECTLY ON ME and... pwned. Well at lest I was back in V2.
Predicting an Eve heavy weekend I logged off to spend some time with my wife and stock up on good will.

What I learnt
Being at work during CTA's stinks.
-A- really don't like local chat.
I need to roam more (I'm in Ushra'Khan FFS) and this is the perfect time to do it. I'm not sure got the skills to really be of use in the gate camps we have running right now and I always see to get to a fight just as its finishing so I might try roaming about around the 9UY area and see what's going on, see if I can stir things up and even if I get no kills I might at least cause some disruption. My minds made up, contact the Rifter dealers.


  1. The reason -A- don't like local chat is probably less to do with RP/Smack reasons and more to do with the fact that it's a major cause of lag on the server. CCP have confirmed it, but it's been suspected for a while that this was the case.

  2. on the -A- forums we were told "kill them with silence, better yet, kill them with guns"...