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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Am I an exception to the rule?

When I first came to 0.0 space I was pretty much as green as they come (and am still only slightly less green now) with skillpoints hovering about the 2 million mark and a slight knowledge of PvP (thanks to RedVsBlue).
I knew I wanted to be PvP centric, I knew I wanted a reason to fight, basically I knew I wanted to play in 0.0 space.
Everything I read on forums said I should not be going to nullsec so soon but its what I wanted in Eve and I didn't want to spend ages doing stuff I didn't want to do to get there so I took a gamble and went for it. I'd either enjoy it and keep playing Eve or I'd have a very short subscription.

I'm still here so I guess I did something right but the overwhelming response to noobs moving into 0.0 is massively negative.
I started blogging in an attempt to document that fact that "if I can do it anyone can" but I'll be the first to say I couldn't have got anywhere without a Corp and this may be the first real hurdle, finding a 0.0 Corp/Alliance willing to take a risk with someone who quite probably is a spy. I'm pretty sure I just lucked my way into MSCS but once in the Corp life in 0.0 wasn't so tough.
The alliance recruitment forums amaze me now with posts from players with quotes like this-
"I dont know if my SP (11Mil) are enough to live in 0.0 space (guess not?)"
-a regular occurrence. I still don't have even half that and I've been in 0.0 full time for about 4 months now but this is the image that lawless space projects to the Eve community as a whole as a world were any jump could be your last and the uber skilled pilots lurk in every belt with the most well equipped ships imaginable ready to punish anyone who's not been skilling for the last 3 years+. Is this elitist e-peen waving or is my case a pure fluke?

Now before I get shot I'm not saying every noob with a trial account should go flooding into nullsec I'm not although I'm sure some pirates and 0.0 roamers would love it if they did, Images of baby penguins jumping en-mass into the sea full of waiting killer whales spring to mind, and infact does the image of 0.0 life serve a purpose of keeping away the people who aren't truly determined to live there against the odds as it were?

Edit- A follow up post from Manasi about the difference between being able to fly a ship and being able to use a ship.


  1. This is NOT a fluke. 0.0's limitations about skill points solely determine WHAT ship you can fly...not whether or not you can be successful. The forums are full of shit. You can EASILY be need three things : 1) friends in 0.0 that can watch your back 2) ships that YOU can USE well...not fly but USE 3) a decent way to earn income or the converse a way to NOT lose much.

  2. The trick to going and living in 0.0 is friends and a willingness to learn to fly what you can well.

    I was living in Syndicate when I first started.

  3. I disagree. The only thing needed to get into 0.0 is the balls to try. Everything else is gravy. Props to you for having them. I was living in 0.0 within a couple months of starting the game and I had no more connections than anyone else; probably less.

  4. It depends on the pilot. With Cozmik (he's a buddy IRL) I knew that he'd be bored to tears in high sec. So I litteraly dropped him in the deepend at 5 weeks in game and shipped him off to a PvP alliance in Curse.

    Later on when they raised their recruitment limit to 10mil and he only had 6mil they weren't going to let him go.

    It's all about attitude and ship specialization and knowing what to do with what you've got.

  5. To me the only problem is that it is hard to make money in 0.0 only in a frigate, so that tends to split your training priorities.