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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Training long skills is a bitch (Minmatar Cruiser V if you want to know).

Not much has been going on in Eve for the last week. Well thats a total lie shit loads has happened with the Goon/BoB/SOLOblahblah business and U'K taking 9UY and some Sylph space which fell foul of another Sov bill ooops but most of the action helpfully took place while I was at work. Great.
I did play some small part in the taking of J6QB-P by cloaking up and relaying intel and scouting some ships to the fight which was kinda cool and scouting is something I want to do more of so it was good practice.

I need to roam more, I've not been out on a roam in ages. In between CTA's I've been getting ready for the next CTA and during the recent "lull" (a few days without a CTA) I managed to get a tiny amount of 'bear type activities to earn some much needed Isk. Now its looking like its back to the fight (thank you very much Aegis Militia) so when I get logged on it'll either be all hands to the fleet or a cheeky Stealth Bomber roam as the hornets nest should be well and truly stirred up.
The simple joys of a provi roam will be so much sweeter once I get the time. Assuming there's any Provi left to roam in... hahahaha of course I kid they are bringing some great fights at the minute and its all good fun.

To the Thrashers!!!! (I might even upgrade to a Rupture...oooo)

Things I Learnt
People get angry when you leave your mic open (sorry guys).
Scouts don't get on killmails.
When asking advice on what to train next you will get 10 different answers, just pick one and stick to it.


  1. To the Thrasher indeed!

    As far as what to train next I suggest that you decide what you enjoy most in game and train something that furthers that. If you like the scouting then maybe look at the Rapier and also getting good at probing. A covert ops who can provide a good warp in is an invaluable fleet asset.

  2. Rapiers are exactly what I'm aiming for (eventually) but being a 4.7M sp character I need to train so many things and everyone has their own opinion of what I should do first.
    I'm currently grinding Cruiser V and taking breaks to do other things like get me closer to tech2 medium arties and up my drone & scanning skills. Have Isk will pay for skillpoints.