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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The life of Light Support

FC- everyone warp to [person] @ 10  now now now
Find him in fleet list, right click warp to...."hmm I'm aligning."
Screen goes red "oh crap"
spamwarp spamwarp spamwarp
mail icon flashes
"back in V2 again".
I actually had some decent loot for once as well, I knew I'd die.

I did actually get to shoot stuff before this but not a lot then after the podding it was already midnight so I went to bed. Sounds like it was an epic night of fighting though and a lot of fun, thanks to Provi for bringing the fights.

Thing I Learnt
When on a gate in Light Support while the big ships blow stuff up be aligned to something.
Skynet has infiltrated Eve and lives in our POS.

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