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Monday, 8 March 2010

Whats been going on in the Provi war?

Seems like the initial excitement over the war in Providence has died down (now the interesting initial moves have finished) and there's no exciting and huge battles to talk about so I'll keep this brief.
Continuing after the AM sov fail handed UK 3D-CQU, as much as the servers tried to stop us-

  • Sylph disbanded - lol - this gifted N-8BZ6 to U'K
  • Combined -A- & U'K forces took the gateway systems of G-5EN2 and Y-MPWL with Sys-K following shortly taking  R3-K7K . This leaves the Provi block 1 gateway out of the region at KBP7-G.

So currently our blues hold the majority of ways in and out of Provi which is a serious setback to the holders and numbers of reds to hunt are dwindling day by day .
I cant really comment on the operations to take the gateways as they generally happened while I was at work (damn you 'real life') but very few reports of battle have filtered through our forums and it seems Provi are opting for a "don't give em fights and they'll get bored" strategy. To be fair the CTA's I have been on recently were almost universally dull which has dampened my enthusiasm to log on till 3am for a good fight, so maybe its working.

Things I learnt
I like Target Painters and flying Ewar frigates.
I can run 2 medium armour reppers on my ratting Hurricane which is kinda cool.

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