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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Master & Commander

At the tender Eve age of 5mil skillpoints yesterday I FC a gang.

I never intended in a million years to lead the Op. I made a forum post for a Corp. Tech 1 frigate/cruiser roam to try and get some people out hunting with the naive believe someone else would step up to the mark and take charge rather than letting me (who still has not got a solo kill) run the show, and with the wall to wall CTA's Eve's been serious business pretty much since I joined MSCS way back in November so I've had very little social time with my Corp-mates and wanted to get out and have some fun together.

The appointed date came and no-one seemed to take charge...oh dear. I hastily prepared a rough roaming route and read everything I could about FC'ing gangs on our alliance forums (sorry no links) before shatting myself and setting up a fleet.
1 stabber and 4 Rifters (including my Rifter) with another roamer going to catch up soon, so I wasn't too worried about loosing everyone's ships as we set off up the pipe to CB4.
Then Dan Grommel caught a Dramiel. Dry mouth time.
To be fair to Dan he had said on the forum could he take his Dram, but I thought he was joking and replied sure as long as he didn't mind loosing it. The prospect of him actually loosing it and it being my fault was not a happy thought.
The very next system our scout reported he'd got point on a Myrmadon so we all warped in guns blazing and he went down (Congratulations to the enemy guy in a Rifter who warped straight on by and jumped through the gate without helping him. Bravo to you Sir) .
My first kill as an FC, I was pretty chuffed at this point.
Then the inevitable happened. My 2 year old Son woke up and, me being the only parent in the house, I had to bail pronto. Really sorry to the guys in my corp.

In all honesty I did barely anything here and was really FC in name only. This kind of roam is the bread and butter of what U'K do and the same guys could do it with there eyes closed and probably do a better job too. But it was a big confidence booster to me to do it and know that they were willing to let me boss em around a bit and also that I had the security of knowing that they all knew what they were doing and would (and indeed did) offer up advice without ever undermining my 'position' as FC. Thanks a lot guys.

p.s The gang roamed a bit more taking down a Vaga before calling it a night.

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