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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Moar Proviwar

Summers coming, that means I get to do loads of fun things like sort out the shitheap that is my garden and try to make room for the inevitable slew of new outdoor toys my kids will get (by throwing out last years).
WTF has this got to do with Eve? Nothing really I'm just making a weak excuse as to why I've not been on much recently *hides copy of Bad Company 2*.

"So what's been going on with that wacky Proviwar?" I hear you all ask... well I would if anyone cared any more.
The Anti Providence task force of U'K, AAA, Atlas and friends attacked the P6N8-J constellation. All 6 system of it. Currently owned by Cold Steel Alliance its a pretty nice constellation with 1 way in and out and some ripe bearing grounds with an (0.48) low sec entrance a mere 2 jumps away which is always nice for shipping out your hard earned rat loot.
In other provi news there's been a steady flow of freighters taking stuff out of various parts of provi as the..erm..less combat orientated corps. decided this isn't the place for them and get out with what they can and occasionally failing.
 Its not all been going our way though with some good gangs being put together fast and messing about with our system lockdown plans while stuffs evacuated.


What I've learnt
My shed smells bad.
Don't pick on an EWar frigate in a Rifter if he has friends nearby (I couldn't lock anything and only just escaped with 28% structure).
Medium Projectiles V - Woooooooo

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