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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Provi Update + I fail

I'm sorry I've been fail in Eve recently and done nothing interesting, last night I chased a few frigs about and watched a 20 BS Gents gang sail through WD-VTV from the safety of a POS but thats about it. To be honest I need cash and making cash is dull so I end up mooching about in a Rifter instead. Unfortunately I'm also rubbish at finding targets so this would make painfully dull reading.

A couple of things happened this weekend.
The P6N8-J constellation now belongs to Sodalitas XX (I don't know).
The  XV7L-S constellation is now owned by Sodalitas XX & Daisho Syndicate with Ushra'Khan taking the last system, the gateway of KBP7-G.
This means there are now no Empire exit systems out of Providence that are friendly to CVA.

Things I've learnt
I need to roam more as I'm still very bad at it.
I need to stop buying ships off my ex-corpmate Titus Balls.
Sitting in an enemy ratting system cloaked up while they all cower in a POS shield is surprisingly fun.


  1. What Rifter fit are you using for roaming? I'm experimenting with several at the moment. The classic afterburner is still a firm favourite but I've also been messing around with some microwarp drive fits.

  2. Its one I robbed wholesale from a corpmate. Main thin about it is its cheap which is good because I'm rubbish.

    [Rifter, Cheap]
    Damage Control I
    Small Armor Repairer II
    200mm Reinforced Titanium Plates I

    1MN Afterburner I
    Warp Disruptor I
    Stasis Webifier I

    125mm Gatling AutoCannon I, EMP S
    125mm Gatling AutoCannon I, EMP S
    125mm Gatling AutoCannon I, EMP S
    Small 'Knave' I Energy Drain

    [empty rig slot]
    [empty rig slot]
    [empty rig slot]

    (plates whatever I have kicking about from ratting and I should probably use rigs) Suggestions welcome as always.