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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Stuff I've found useful pt1

Eve's a cold and scary place as a newbie and once the career tutorials have finished you're all alone. Youve got menu after menu of information at your fingertip that you know means something but you dont know what a UI staring back at you like it wants to pick a fight and when you finally pluck up the courage to ask for help (on the handy channel) its like everyone speaks a different language.
So now what?
I turned to the internet for help and found that the Eve community is a pretty helpful place to the new kid.

There's no point me reinventing the wheel here, there are people out there who have already written stuff and done it better than I could so I'll slap up a few links
  • 10 posts for eve online newbie CrazyKinux blog has a shedload of useful stuff on there and this is just one so look about.
  • New Citizens Useful threads over at the EveWiki, again its rammed full of useful info and links to more useful info so even just those 2 should be able to give you a good start to Eve life.
Of course its not all hard work and toil so to keep you motivated its always good to find out about the stuff you'll be getting up to in the weeks/months/years to come.
Mynxee's Blog Life in Lowsec is always good for a read about the pirate life but also has a well rounded view of the Eve 'metagame' as well, and she shows a lot of passion for the Council of Stellar Management (Eves player elected council that can help shape the future of the game). You don't have to just limit yourself to text either and I've really enjoyed listening to the Podded podcast for all kinds of Eve info and general banter.

Lastly I've got to put up a link to Red Vs. Blue. PvP is perhaps the most scary thing I found when I started out about 4 weeks ago but I wanted to throw myself into it as soon as I could before it developed a stigma and the RvB guys not only welcomed me in but enabled me to get right into a fight with other players very very quickly. You'll loose ships, you'll probably loose a pod (its not that bad, no honestly its not) and you'll certainly loose ISK but you will learn and get to meet some top people along the way.

This is by no means all the info you'll want but I dont want to add to the overload so its a good start. Read, digest and learn. As a new guy its a pretty intimidating place to start off with but stick at it and pretty soon Eve becomes a fun place to loose yourself in.

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