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Monday, 30 November 2009

More ratting in 0.0

Not much has been going on so far TBH, I've been getting more used to ratting in 0.0 picking on the single Battlecruiser spawns where I can in my Thrasher O doom or cleaning up other people wrecks and cans if they don't want them (always ask in local first kids).
The Alliance has had a few ops going on but I've held off getting involved until I get more nullsec savy as far as general flying about is concerned.
One of the boring jobs I've been doing is flying about setting up safe spots. When I've been travelling into a new system I set up a 200km off gate SS, one warping to the next gate and a 200km gate SS before I warp off. Taking some advice from Corp chat I'm now renaming all the gate SS's as
[distance from gate]-[direction from gate]-[gate name]
. e.g.
200km below V2 gate.

I never knew I'd need so many safespots for everything TBH, I was only planning on 1 per gate but when I was talking in corp chat about it people were saying "what about when you have SS's at different ranges" Eh? I didn't know I was supposed to be doing more?
So in lieu of spending the next 6 weeks SS'ing one constellation I think I need to get on a roam with someone/some people who already have them set and go nuts with the People & places tab.

Oh and I can now fly a Battlecruiser. Wooooooo. I just cant afford one yet.

Lessons learnt in 0.0 this week:-
  • You can never have enough SafeSpots.
  • Keeping up with all the intel channels is Apache pilot levels of multitasking.
  • Getting under a rats guns with a Thrasher will work but takes time.
  • Ask and someone will let you have the loot.

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