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Friday, 20 November 2009

In the beginning

Hi. I'm a pretty new Eve player and felt it'd be better starting a blog instead of being an Evebore over Twitter & emails every day. I'm hoping this blog will be an account of what I learn (rightly or wrongly) as I start out my Eve career and so wont so much be a series of well structured and thought out articles as some of the other Eve blogs out there.

So I'll start off with a "story so far" style recap I suppose.
I first played eve a few years ago where I did a free trial as a Gallente pod pilot, went as quickly as possible to a Catylist and flew about admiring my ship. Unfortunately my pc chugged along and Walking In Stations was scant weeks away (or so they said) so I decided to cut my losses before my limited hardware made the game unplayable and never logged on again.
Dust 514. Controversial at times but it was the lure for me back to Eve. I'm mainly a console gamer and the idea of Dust is very appealing and reading up on the limited info for it let Eve get its hooks back into me.

Eve take 2
My character is called Norsechiild and he's Minmatar. I started off like all good newbies doing the initial tutorials then a few of the introductory occupation tutorials which gave me a selection of frigates and a couple of Wreaths to play about with. I went mining for a bit of ISK in the wreathe.
Sooooo slllloooooooowwwww.
This bored me so I read about a bit on forums and tried JetCan mining using a burst with 2 mining lasers and the money rolled in at a quicker rate until the inevitable happened. Someone flipped my can. I kept my cool and did not engage did a bit of light smack in local and left it at that.
So what have I learnt so far? Mining was not for me, so I loaded up a Wreathe with everything I could get on it and set off to Anon to try the Sisters of Eve Mission arc.

For the Teapot
So far I was still on the trial but I'd made my mind up to give Eve a shot and got a timecard. In my mind I had 2 months to see how much I actually played Eve and find out if Eve was the game for me. Up until this time I'd only really mined and run missions and I knew I was missing out on a big chunk of the Eve experience, I needed to get into a Corp.
I ran a few of the Sisters missions and browsed a lot of Forums, joined the Eve Uni public chat channel and looked up the recruitment details fully meaning to join. The idea that someone could take a total bleach white noob like myself under their wing and show them the ropes, plus the chance to join others in my situation, appealed to me and I had images of making a rookie Corp. and building from there with my new Eve Uni friends.
API...what the hells that? Turns out I couldn't get an API key yet as my character wasn't old enough so I went looking for a stop gap solution. I knew I wanted to try PvP and searching about time and time again up popped Red Vs. Blue. I had a couple of million ISK (hey I'm a noob thats still good money to me) a Rifter and though I'd give it a shot. Red Federation HQ was only half a dozen jumps away in Tourier so off I went.
 I've been in RvB for a few weeks now with a whole 0 kills to my name. That's right Zero, none..nothing. I rock. But my fellow Reds and Blues have been very understanding and welcoming despite my noobness and happily offered advice, guidance and even ISK to help keep me fighting along at my sub-par skill level.

So that's where I am, charging about between Tourier and Alentene in 10-20 frig-cruiser fleets loosing Rifters at an alarming rate. But the main point is I'm enjoying it.

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